Moving in the babies…

Remember those aloes I saved out of the garden in February, two of the best have been promoted to cheering me up – by greening the bathroom! The pots don’t exactly match – but then again, I am no interior decorator / designer. I am just happy if I can keep the plants alive and somewhat green.

My addiction to green things does not just stop at two though… I picked up an awesome stand at IKEA on the weekend – my first ever visit. The succulents that I saved from the garden in February have found a new home. There are a few empty spots – but I will hopefully fill them up as my gardening skills improve (I have been known to accidentally kill Devil’s Ivy – not sure how). I definitely need to get advice on those peace lilies. Check out my indoor plant stand below.


I am also wondering if my room mates will notice the greening of the kitchen? They don’t get indoor plants – or why I might enjoy them. Maybe they will be more appreciative of some green in winter. The lucky bamboo definitely needs some training…. In the meantime, I will keep the indoor green creep, slowly so that they also become part of the furniture.


Saving Succulents

With the house nearly finished, it is time to start to start to think about the gardens. For the last several years we have had a large garden in front of the house – but given my lack of green thumb and frequent water shortages – it is a bit if a mess. I have been told that I need to start over.

But starting over from scratch seems silly – there are plants that I love. I need to save them one by one. The first, aloe vera, seems useful to keep around  – and after several years it has multiplied like crazy. But the hot and dry weather seems to be trying it very best to kill it.


So I am going to separate and plant as many as I can before the bulldozer comes in. It seems to be taking well to the pot.

Another plant I am saving seems to be growing prolifically – but the cows love it. They heave eaten it back to dirt several times but it continues to come back. This is great because it is one of my favourites. I am told that it is also an adequate salt replacement when dried, something I can add to my soups. It has a little red flower that the bees love – and it is native! Don’t know its name though.

unknown succulant

Although it is not a succulent, I love rosemary and have been taking cuttings from the well established bush. The twelve I planted last year are going very well, so lets hope this lot of fifteen do as well.