The maremmas and the lamb

We found an abandoned lamb earlier in the season so figured that it would be a good opportunity to further break in train Shadow as a livestock guardian. Ghost could help show him the ropes. We had a bit of a shaky start as they both wanted to be inside with me, but….


In the end Shadow started getting the hang of it. He still has a bit of growing to do though – and has not left the naughty puppy stage.


Introducing Ghost and Shadow

Our farm now has two Maremma pups to look after the cows, sheep and bunnies. Shadow is a lot bigger than Ghost was at the same age. But then again Sparky was a big pup and now he is an example of a petite German Shepherd.

When Shadow first came home even the baby bunnies terrified him – and the cows, they had him climbing onto my shoulder. Then again, Ghost was the same with the cows at that age. Ghost still makes me drive the car into the yard to pick her up rather than walking past the cows.

I am currently in the middle of crate training him for ease of transportation and will introduce him to the animals slowly. His previous owners assured me that he has been raised around sheep, chickens and cows….. so should be good.

Below is a picture of Ghost at the same age.