Late autumn farm babies

The babies are still being born on the farm before the real chill sets in. We have had a couple of calves over the last week, a handful of lambs, and a few bunnies. All are doing well – we just got a load of lucerne to keep the all well fed over winter.

Life on the farm is great now we are in the house. The new road and carpark gives us somewhere to put our cars, and visitors don’t need to park in the paddock any more! The feed was delivered straight to the shed and the driver loved our new road.

Adding a picture of my cute little bunnies who will hopefully have their new bunny courtyard ready to move into shortly.


Introducing Pepperhill Plushes Midnight

Pepperhill Plushes Midnight is another of the kits I kept from the boxing day litters. His parents are the opal butterfly Daffodil Madame Butterfly and Daffodil Agouti Annikan. Currently 14 weeks he is not shy about letting you know he wants food. Does not even wait for you to put it in her bowl – jumps straight into the feed bucket, just like his mum.

Scooby adventures

Scooby is one of my bucks that lives a life of luxury on the farm. Last week he got himself into a spot of mischief. After posing for the camera, he decided that he would explore the hay stack…. and not come out when he was called.

So after leaving water and some food at the entrance to his hidey hole I called in backup. After disassembling the hay stack – out comes Scooby, none the worse for wear. He gives me those bunny eyes – “it wasn’t my fault you tempted me with and all you can eat bunny buffet”.

Scooby is now back chilling with the rest of the bunnies waiting for his permanent luxury apartment and adjoining gardens to be built.

Pepper Hill Plushes

I have had my stud name approved ‘Pepperhill Plushes’. I have obtained some seed stock from a plush lop breeder who has been in the rabbit stud game for a number of years – Daffodil rabbit stud. And am now developing three lines of plush lops.

Currently I have two litters of 7 week old plush lop kittens, and have picked 3 to keep based on feedback from experienced rabbit exhibitors. The next show is on 4th March in Goulburn, unfortunately cant make it – hopefully the Corrimal shows.

The composting is going well and I should have my first batch soon! The bamboo is loving all of the bits cleaned out of the hutches.

Bunnies! 5 1/2 weeks

So wondering how the bunnies are going? Now all of them are 5 1/2 weeks old they are a couple off weeks of needing to find new homes. I am still tossing up which ones to keep – and am guilty of naming them. Funnily enough – all food names. Guess that is what being on a diet does to you.

I am including a pic below of my niece’s favourite bunny. Her mum will not let her have one yet – maybe when she is older.