Late autumn farm babies

The babies are still being born on the farm before the real chill sets in. We have had a couple of calves over the last week, a handful of lambs, and a few bunnies. All are doing well – we just got a load of lucerne to keep the all well fed over winter.

Life on the farm is great now we are in the house. The new road and carpark gives us somewhere to put our cars, and visitors don’t need to park in the paddock any more! The feed was delivered straight to the shed and the driver loved our new road.

Adding a picture of my cute little bunnies who will hopefully have their new bunny courtyard ready to move into shortly.


The maremmas and the lamb

We found an abandoned lamb earlier in the season so figured that it would be a good opportunity to further break in train Shadow as a livestock guardian. Ghost could help show him the ropes. We had a bit of a shaky start as they both wanted to be inside with me, but….


In the end Shadow started getting the hang of it. He still has a bit of growing to do though – and has not left the naughty puppy stage.