Moving in the babies…

Remember those aloes I saved out of the garden in February, two of the best have been promoted to cheering me up – by greening the bathroom! The pots don’t exactly match – but then again, I am no interior decorator / designer. I am just happy if I can keep the plants alive and somewhat green.

My addiction to green things does not just stop at two though… I picked up an awesome stand at IKEA on the weekend – my first ever visit. The succulents that I saved from the garden in February have found a new home. There are a few empty spots – but I will hopefully fill them up as my gardening skills improve (I have been known to accidentally kill Devil’s Ivy – not sure how). I definitely need to get advice on those peace lilies. Check out my indoor plant stand below.


I am also wondering if my room mates will notice the greening of the kitchen? They don’t get indoor plants – or why I might enjoy them. Maybe they will be more appreciative of some green in winter. The lucky bamboo definitely needs some training…. In the meantime, I will keep the indoor green creep, slowly so that they also become part of the furniture.