About Pepper Hill

You really want to know about me?

Well, I am a middle aged single woman living in what is considered by politicians to be one of the most rural areas of Australia. Being part of a generation that everyone forgot, not boomer, generation X or Y, my voice goes unheard by our nations leaders. This is why I need to take my life into my own hands and forge a productive and healthy lifestyle that harms none, yet benefits myself and my community.

Currently, I am enamoured with the principles espoused by permaculture. I would love to be able to both minimise my footprint on the environment and give back to the community. Despite this, I believe a happy medium can be reached between a high quality of life and conservation.

After having watched the documentary entitled ‘Age of Loneliness’, this is a cause that I would like to see addressed in our community. Bringing back the feeling of community that we had even twenty years ago would be wonderful. But in today’s changed society how does one person go about doing this? One step at a time…..