Plush Lops – a new hobby

I have decided that I would like to start showing and breeding rabbits. From the sounds of it, it will be a steep learning curve. I joined the three clubs that I was told to join. Now I need to follow their facebook pages and newsletters until I start to get the hang of the rabbit scene. Everyone that I have talked to so far have been super friendly and helpful. Hopefully I will learn quickly.

I purchased my seed stock from an experienced breeder earlier in the year and had two litters born over the Christmas weekend. They are health and doing well and I think there are a number of promising youngsters.

The colours range from black, through chocolate, choc otter, grey, chinchilla and a broken pattern (I don’t think it would qualify as butterfly). It is probably too early to tell if they will have good coats.

In the mean time I am generating loads of material for making compost – so I probably should set up my compost turner.


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